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'Suddenly in 2020' José Louro:

Suddenly, in 2020, half the world's population was forced to retreat to an unprecedented extent. A tiny parasite pushed home a large part of humanity. At the time of this writing, the isolation period in Portugal has lasted roughly a month. We can't even believe it: a virus that seems to die with simple soap will not have a vaccine so quickly.

Josť Louro Josť Louro Josť Louro

Suddenly, I started using a new word - "confinement". Not even my Word spell checker recognizes it...

I also learned to be at home and to do unthinkable things that are so simple: drawing the coffee machine, the cuddly toys that remain from other times, the dinner of the partner and the partner, the neighbours and the neighbours of the neighbours.

Suddenly, I am allowed to cross on foot and draw the highway that passes near my house. We can now walk in prohibited pedestrian access road zones, since there is much less car traffic. It is a good opportunity to draw things that usually happen there, such as recent inspection operations that the police carry out to sustain the inhabitants within their respective area councils.

Josť Louro Josť Louro Josť Louro Josť Louro

Suddenly, orange stripes are everywhere. And people with masks on the same lines to the rows of old.
These drawings, and others that I will add - until the virus became part of hour life - are from these days. These are images that have not been cleaned by Photoshop. They left the scanner directly here. They are, so to speak, drawings that have not been "disinfected". I felt that this way they would be more in line with the time that saw them being born. Suddenly.

April 3, 2020

Josť Louro Josť Louro Josť Louro Josť Louro

Josť Louro, 1964

Born in Lisbon. He graduated in industrial design at IADE in 1992. In 2006 he finished his Master's Degree in Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon and, since then, he draws (almost) every day in small notebooks everything he sees. He is a professor of Visual Arts and a trainer in the field of observation drawing. He also makes illustrations when asked and has time.


Instagram: @josemanuelvieiralouro

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