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Lucinda Rogers: On Gentrification
Drawings from Ridley Road Market
At House of Illustration

An exhibition documenting the changing landscape of London, by illustrator Lucinda Rogers, has opened at House of Illustration. A series of large-scale drawings capture the gentrification of Dalston, exploring the tension between local communities and property developers driving up land value.

Over four months Rogers drew on location at Ridley Road Market - in operation since the 1880s and one of London's oldest east-end institutions - capturing Its unique residents, shops and stalls. Simultaneously she has drawn the luxury apartment block being built next door.

Rogers draws straight from eye to paper in the tradition of artist-as-reporter, and has captured the changing state of cities around the world. Her previous work includes an extraordinary series at New York's Ground Zero in 2001, providing an insight into the recovery operation at a time when photography was barely permitted .
She is also a campaigner on development in London, with particular concern for shared spaces. Markets like Ridley Road often provide the only way for small businesses to start up and become a unique reflection of the diverse communities they serve.

In this exhibition Rogers combines the drawing and campaigning aspects of her work for the first time.
House of Illustration director Colin McKenzie said:
"Illustration has a wonderful tradition of bold social commentary. We are delighted to commission a body of work from Lucinda Rogers that champions drawing as a critical medium for debate around the most pressing issue affecting London today."

Lucinda Rogers said: " My drawings are about recording things that happen around the edges of everyday life and how our surroundings are changing. They are observations on a particular day, what I saw and discovered, my feelings about the market and its surroundings. What I choose to leave out or leave in makes the picture."

House of Illustration,
2 Granary Square,
King's Cross,
London N 1C 4BH
Open Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 6 pm (closed Monday)
Admission (one ticket gives admission to all three galleries) 8.25 inc gift aid
020 3696 2020,",, @illustrationHQ