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Over the course of late January to late April 2016, Sam covered the Junior Doctors continued strikes in protest of the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunts imposed contract regarding working hours.

Each of these images were taken from experiencing first hand various strikes in Bristol, and captures a specific moment in time, aiming to display a snapshot of social togetherness and unity.

Some of these images have been featured in The Guardian, and can be found here:


In December 2015, the decision was made for the UK to assist with the on going air strikes in Syria. Despite the decision being accepted in Parliament, there was a strong sense within Bristol of this not being the correct solution. As a result, a rally was organised to display the discontent of the decision, which the images convey.

Born and raised in Bristol, I've always been interested in public gatherings. There's a particular energy that you feel when you're in a group of people, and that energy is something I always try and capture through drawing and image making. Sports teams, protests, gigs, all of these events contain a level of that energy. I like to follow such situations, focussing mainly on protests and rallies in my work. I also try and capture the movement involved, for instance, how people move through a space when in large groups, the sudden rushes and calms. I am influenced by David Salle, Louis Theroux, Michael Moore, Kendrick Lamar, and Andrew North.

For the Junior Doctors Strike, in January and March 2016, I felt bewildered trying to lift facts from the news, so I sought about following the strikes live, and drawing them in the process.

For the future, climate change is something that has featured regularly in the press recently, and as further climate marches are planned I shall be following these with a close eye, looking to cover them as and when they occur.

Sam Millard

Twitter: @samillustrator