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Olivier Kugler: The Plight of Syrian Refugees

Médecins sans Frontières recently invited the renowned reportage artist Olivier Kugler to spend two weeks in Domiz refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Olivier was asked to produce a series of drawings documenting the circumstances of the Syrian refugees.
With the help of a translator Olivier spent two weeks with the refugees who told him their stories about time spent in war torn Syria and their experiences in the refugee camp. During his time there he took countless photos that are used as reference in order to work on the completed drawings.

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The drawings were exhibited in cooperation with Médecins sans Frontières at the FUMETTO International Comix Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland in April 2014.

The drawings Olivier has produced so far have been published in Harper's (USA), Le Monde Diplomatique (Germany),
Internazionale (Italy) and in Port magazine (UK).

The work presented here were originally published in PORT Magazine.