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Valerie Pezeron

Born in Guadeloupe (French Caribbean islands), I am a London-based visual artist and illustrator who has lived in the UK since 1998. After graduating from Kingston, I began a full-time freelance illustration career before moving onto academia part-time since 2010. I now mainly produce artworks for galleries - paintings, drawings, graphic novels and handmade artist books. I still sometimes accept freelance commercial work for clients in advertising, editorial, publishing, broadcasting, fashion and music. A former arts editor for Amelia's magazine, I have written for various arts and design blogs and published magazines. I am a lecturer at the University of East London and visiting lecturer at other institutions.

My work is always in constant flux and I am an ever curious mind that loves to collaborate with a variety of people who work across a wide range of the visual communications industries. I am a curator/ concert promoter with the Live Hazard Collective, which I cofounded with music professor Guy Harries. The collective is a research lab focused on multidisciplinary collaborations between music and drawing, using improvisation, performance and reportage drawing to explore. We organise illustrated concerts and other theatrical events, talks, workshops and publish literature investigating issues raised by our various activities.



Sketchbooks on Flickr:

Awards and Achievements:

Association of Illustrators Images 33- New Media Section
Association of Illustrators Images 32- Editorial Section
Association of Illustrators Images 31- Graduate Section


Valerie has worked for various institutions, including tutor at the City Lit (2013) and visiting lecturer at Swansea University (2014). She has led creative drawing workshops at a number of galleries in London and Manchester since 2008.


My current research interest is centred on visual abstract languages for female artists from the black Diaspora and other minorities in the UK. Such investigations are leading me to create a body of work exploiting illustration, music, neuroscience and FE/HE Art & Design education. I am interested in what the role of the unconscious might mean in image making. I am looking at the history and function of improvisation and performance in telling stories through drawing and connecting it all to my own practice. With Live Hazard collective, I am dedicated to exploring the inner workings of rational thinking through visual, muscular and sound processes. I am aiming to enlighten instant visual narrative processes by unearthing undercurrents of irrational and vast spaces beyond what is seen. Reportage drawing is thus interesting to me in its direct way of looking at the world, using modes of thinking, seeing and making to interpret life.

Pezeron, V. (2014) ‘Sanctuaries Theme Outline', Live Hazard Exhibition Catalogue, London, DAF publications; available online at: and at
Pezeron, V. (August 2014) Sanctuaries - Temporary Dwellings for Illustration and Music in Cross-Disciplinary Improvisation, Varoom Mag Online; will be available at:


Feb/Mar 2014: Group Exhibition, Rich Mix, "Sanctuaries; Temporary Dwellings of the Real", London
Feb 2014: Group Exhibition, QPark Chinatown, "Chinese Open Year of the Horse", London
May/June 2011: Group Exhibition, The Sassoon Gallery, "Visions of the Walworth Jumpers", The International Alternative Press Fair, London
Jan/ Feb 2011: Group exhibition, Manhattanville College, Berger & Brownson Galleries, New York
March 2010: Group exhibition, Mill 24, Manchester
July 2009: Group Exhibition, AOI Images 33 New Media Section
July 2008: Group Exhibition, AOI Images 32 Editorial Section, LCP, London
July 2007: Group exhibition, AOI Images 3, LCP, London
June 2005: Group Exhibition, the Conningsby Gallery, London
May 2002: Group exhibition, City Lit, Chancery Lane, London
1994 to 1998: Artist in Residence - Karakwela Association, Montpellier

Public Speaking:

January 2010: Pecha Kucha, London


6 Feb 2014: Live Hazard Illustrated Concert, Rich Mix, London
26 Nov 2012: Sonic Rituals2, Servant Jazz Quarters, London
29 Oct 2012: Sonic Rituals 1, Cakey Moto, London
14 Jun 2012: Circuit Acts, Power Lunches, London


"Sanctuaries; Temporary Dwellings of the Real", group exhibition and Illustrated Concert, Rich Mix, London. Funded by Diversity Art Forum, in partnership with the Association of Illustrators, Reportager, University of East London and University of the West of England.