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Olivier Kugler
"Burkina Faso visual report"

Originally published in The Guardian 05-12-2012
Ian Bray, Oxfam's senior press officer contacted Olivier Kugler in May this year to ask if he would be interested in doing a series of drawings highlighting the food crisis in the Sahel zone.

On his invitation he spent a week in Burkina Faso traveling through the north of the country to collect reference material such as photos, sketches and interviews, for a five page series of drawings to be published in The Guardian's G2 supplement. The drawings portray the people he met on this journey.

Olivier produced this visual report following his recent visit to Burkina Faso, where two million people are at risk from hunger. Oxfam is aiming to stop the crisis becoming a famine by raising $66m for food, clean water and assistance through their Food Crisis in Sahel appeal. Kugler visited the village of Tafgo to inspect a seed distribution programme. He also travelled to Sirgum gold mine near Kaya and towards the border with Mali to the Mentao refugee camp.

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On The Guardian’s website, Olivier talks about his experiences in Burkina Faso and how his reportage drawing methodology has changed since working commercially. Olivier takes many photos whilst on location and works these up into drawings back in the studio. All the text in the drawings is the result of Kugler’s interviews with the subjects, which Kugler believes, helps to prove the drawings are genuine and honest.

The drawings are made directly from the photos and are quite large, enabling kugler to add lots of detail. He is particularly interested in depicting some of the smaller superficial details, such as a particular tee shirt or unusual head torch. This adds interest and believability to the images, which are quite complex, and multi layered.

Watch a video of Olivier in Burkina Faso:

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