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Reportager will in due course, be announcing a call for submissions for the
‘Reportager Award’. The award will be for work the jury considers to be the most outstanding in the area of documentary illustration, drawn reportage and visual essay. The award will be open to all artists at all stages of their career from student to established. Further details and more information to be Announced.


Topolski Studio's Residents' reportage drawing
Thursday 12th December 2013 from 6pm at Vibe Gallery, Bermondsey

Topolski Studio and Reportager, University of the West of England, present the work of Matt Booker, Laura Fitton, Josh Morris, Alex Nicholson, Chloë Parke and Louis Vinet, the Residents of the Chronicle Residency Programme, at Vibe Gallery.

For Topolski Studio's Chronicle Residency Programme, six young unemployed artists have been reporting local issues and events through drawing. They have produced a hand-printed Chronicle, a broadsheet of reportage drawing chronicling contemporary issues of the Twenty-First Century just as artist Feliks Topolski did of the Twentieth.

Feliks Topolski (1907-1989) was the first artist on the South Bank, having set up studios here in 1953 from where he hand-printed over 2,300 of his on the spot drawings as his broadsheet Chronicles. Covering events from the Queen’s Coronation to London street scenes, the Chronicles bristle with comment and observation about the people, politics and events of the time.

Sixty years since Topolski launched his Chronicles, Topolski Studio’s Chronicle for the Twenty-First Century and accompanying reportage drawings of London will be exhibited alongside Feliks Topolski’s original Chronicles and drawings, contrasting what Topolski recorded 50 and 60 years ago with what the young artists’ record today.

Vibe Gallery & Bar N001 The Biscuit Factory Tower Bridge Business Complex 100 Clements Rd, London, SE16 4DG

For more information please email or call 020 7082 8071

Work by Matt Brooker
Work by Louis Vinet

Mit dem Elefanten Doktor in Laos
Olivier Kugler's "Mit dem Elefanten Doktor in Laos" (with the Elephant Doctor in Laos) , has just been published by the Swiss publishing house "Edition Moderne". So far there is only a German edition available... The book documents a young French veterinarian's work looking after elephants working in the logging industry in Laos.

Olivier Kugler accompanied the veterinarian Bertrand Bouchard on a journey through the mountains and jungle in the north of Laos, where he was the with a mobile clinic attending to the health and well-being of the working elephants in remote logging camps. Kugler takes us on an illustrated journey through this fascinating world, its nature and people and characterized through the life of the elephants themselves, while also showing the profound effects of the international economic interests that reach deep into these remote forests in the mountains of Laos.

Olivier spent a week with Bertrand travelling to remote logging camps in the jungle and the highlands of Laos. His drawings are documenting the doctor's work and also portraying the people and elephants he meets on his mission.

Olivier Kugler's
Mit dem Elefanten Doktor in Laos
Edition Moderne, Switzerland
ISBN ISBN 978-3-03731-113-4
48 pages, full color, 20 x 30 cm
Released 23 August 2013

Mit dem Elefanten Doktor in Laos

Distorted Landscapes, Future Ruins and Spirit Houses By Gareth Proskourine-Barnett

Private View 24 September 17:30
Exhibition open 25 - 29 September
Chulalongkorn University Museum

“Bangkok is a copy with no original… It is a hyper modern milieu of surfaces and signs without an authentic centre or origin over-occurring within the same space of ancient beliefs, practices and rituals” (Brian McGrath). Following a four-month residency at Chulalongkorn University, artist
Gareth Proskourine- Barnett will be exhibiting a body of new work that explores the urban landscape of Bangkok. Concerned with the development of contemporary cities and conditions of existence within it, he explores the physicality of space through a combination of two and three-dimensional work. Simply, the work is an attempt to observe and understand.

The exhibition features blue prints of street sculptures, urban tags that recall various walks through the city, manipulated landscapes that dissolve and melt between picture postcard views and dystopian ruin, and alternative spirit houses that celebrate the ruin of buildings such as the Sathorn Unique.

The process of construction and destruction in the city fascinates Proskourine- Barnett, for him it is as important as a completed piece of architecture. He says, “What becomes apparent as you explore the city of Bangkok is that you don't need to go to Ayutthaya to see the ancient ruins; they are already looming over you. The buildings of today are the ruins of tomorrow".

The exhibition will also feature a selection of illustrated works and a library of selfpublished books by Chulalongkorn University students who were taught by Proskourine-Barnett during his Bangkok residency. The students have each responded to a series of one kilometer squared sections of the city presenting their illustrated interpretations of city postcard views.

This is the debut exhibition in Thailand for the London based Proskourine-Barnett. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2011, he has exhibited across the UK and internationally, including the Moscow International Young Artist Biennale 2012. In February 2013 Proskourine-Barnett was featured in
Dazed and Confused magazine's First Shot feature, focused on highlighting young ermerging artists.

Proskourine-Barnett's artist practice explores a sense of place through our relationship with architecture and he is fascinated with the concept of Utopia especially now that the very act of dreaming, or considering a brighter future has become, in itself, an act of nostalgia. His work normally begins by walking to specific sites and collecting rubbings, the aim is to re-examine modernism and to consider the utopian ideology imbued in the fabric of these buildings.


reportager newspaper launched
The reportager newspaper has been published. Some five hundred are already scheduled to be mailed out.

The work contained within this print version of reportager represents the sketchbook pages of 20 artists who are either members of reportager or who have been associated in some way with the online journal. The work ranges across such diverse subject areas as
Feliks Topolski's war time blitz sketches and Sue Coe's Slaughterhouse sketchbook pages.

The brief for this publication was for artists to submit work, which as far as possible, was created on the spot, without correction, mediation or beautification. Many of the artists make work either for self-initiated projects or for commissioned work. All have one thing in common in that they all use the sketch as the basis for reference, investigation, interrogation and research.

The work contained in this print version of reportager represents a selection of sketchbook pages from some 20 artists, who are either members of reportager or who have been associated in some way with the online journal. exists in order to support, initiate, and showcase projects involving drawing as reportage, visual journalism, documentary drawing and illustration as visual essay. has been up and running for over a year. There is a drawing zeitgeist taking place and evidence of real interest in documentary drawing and reportage. As the editor I have been both pleased and surprised by the huge amount of interest in the area of visual journalism and reportorial drawing.

For more information and to download a digital edition of the reportager newspaper, see our projects page.

reportager newspaper launched

Topolski Studio in partnership with Reportager
Topolski Studio, in partnership with Reportager and the University of the West of England, Bristol, will train young people who are not already in education, employment or training for three month Residencies.

The Residency will offer them the opportunity to work together to produce, hand-print and distribute a monthly
Chronicle, a broadsheet of reportage drawing chronicling contemporary issues of the twenty-first century, just as artist Feliks Topolski did of the twentieth century.

From 1953-1982, Topolski hand-printed over 2,300 of his on the spot drawings as his broadsheet
Chronicles. Covering events ranging across the social and political spectrum to include the Queen’s Coronation and the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Churches, to displaced persons and war refugees as well as London street scenes, the Chronicles bristle with incisive, intelligent comment and observation about the people, politics and events of the time. The Chronicles were distributed to over 2,000 subscribers around the world including museums, universities, libraries and private collections.

Topolski Studio’s
Chronicle for the twenty-first century will report upon local issues, news and events through drawing. The content will be entirely generated by members of the local community through their interactions with the Residents working from the Topolski Studio new premises on the southbank of the Thames overlooking the London Eye.

Gary Embury, the Editor of Reportager will be working closely with Topolski Studio to plan and oversee the drawing programme.

Work on the new Chronicle is due to begin in the September of 2013, with initial publication in both hardcopy and downloadable electronic formats printed and distributed towards the end of the current year.

More details will be made public as they become available.

Further information:

Topolski Studio in partnership with Reportager

Reportager in print
A print version of Reportager is currently being designed and published. The print version will contain work by leading practitioners in the field and be distributed by September 2013. Images and contents are still being decided. A pdf version will be available to download on this site.

More news on this to follow.



Reportager, The new visual journalism
A peer reviewed paper by Gary Embury for the Plymouth University, Varoom Lab, Boundaries Illustration symposium held at Plymouth University on 14/15 September 2012. is available for download as part of Issue one of the new Varoom Lab journal.

Issue one contains papers submitted and peer reviewed from the above call for papers:

Taste - Dr. John O’Reilly, editor of Varoom magazine, writer and philosopher
Rear View Mirror - Stephanie Black, University of West of England
Tap My Drawings - James Brocklehurst, Plymouth University
Time and Narrative - Dr Julia Moszkowicz, Southampton Solent University
Political Illustration as a means to break boundaries in a mass mediated world - Professor Mario Minichiello, The University of Newcastle, Australia
Reportager, visual journalism - Gary Embury, University of West of England
The Signifier Of Incompleteness, Nanette Hoogslag, Illustrator / Researcher

Varoom Lab