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Professor Mario Minichiello
The University of Newcastle Australia

Currently engaged with planning for:
Hurricane films: My War film - and working with Welcome trust on stories projects.

Over the past fifteen years, alongside my academic career, I have been working as an Illustrator, primarily in the field of national and international broadcast and broadsheet media. The best of my artwork is responsible for engaging an audience's visual attention for high profile news events and in depth issues. My Reportage illustration work for BBC Newsnight formed part of their BFTA Award for news and current affairs. Vital subjects covered during the late 1980's included the Birmingham Six hearing, Beirut hostage releases and Spy Catcher trials. During this period and into the 1990's my work for the political sections of the Guardian and Financial Times gained a high degree of public acknowledgement and vigorous feedback demonstrating the raised public awareness of important international issues. This also engaged me in a national debate about what were some of the perceived limits and boundaries and perceived roles for Illustrators.

I have always sought ways of making my work relevant and appropriate whilst striving to challenge the reader/viewer. I have continued to produce both commissioned work, and engage through this into areas of research, which, reflect my personal concerns and passions. This has resulted in a significant body of work distinct to that of my peers and which is avidly received around the world by key people in the editorial media and arts. I have been able to meet and work with other illustrators and academics from around the world, with contributions to exhibitions and conferences. It has helped broaden my experience hugely.??Most importantly to both the University and myself personally, it has led me into the realms of academically recognised research which has been supported by grants awarded by AHRB, EC, NESTA and other bodies for both Animation and Illustration based research.

I have been enabled to explore the limits of current knowledge in relation to visual perception of hand made imagery, to show the role that 'slow art' can have within multimedia. In particular I have studied the phenomena first identified by editor and academic Wilson Hicks, which came to be known as 'the third effect'. My research demonstrates that this is a complex issue - given our present day multi media environment. Dadaist Marcel Duchamp once said 'the lookers is as important as the artist, because despite what the artist thinks they are doing, something is grabbed by society'. I have written one of the first refereed papers on this subject, based on my own academic research and experiences as an artist. This has been supported by AHRB and also by the European Illustrator Gallery, which through curator Dr Kathie Jenkins have created a permanent on line exhibition and live websites. On-line viewing has engaging a global audience and provided a resource for students studying Illustration, drawing and Animation from foundation to PhD.

Papers and conferences:
‘The Changing Faces of Typographic Fonts’, The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 2 (1). ISSN 1833 1866. pp. 65-72.
‘The Art of Conflict’, The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 1(2). ISSN 1833 1866. pp. 141-162.
‘Human Rights, Diversity and Social Justice? Sure, But Only if it Sells!’, The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations,
         Communities and Nations
, 6 (1). ISSN 1447 9532. pp. 49-56.
‘Head, Heart and Hand: Narrative Drawing is the First Language of the World’, The International Journal of Diversity in
         Organisations, Communities and Nations, Vol 5. ISSN 1447 9532. pp. 22-51.
         Learning conference:
‘Design a Multi-cultural curriculum’, Granada, Spain
         Common Ground conference:
'Drawing the first language of the mind', China
2004  Diversity conference:
'The end of the world as we know it', News Media and the war, USA. 6th July.
2002  Guest Editor:
Association of Illustrators Quarterly.
2001  National AOI Illustration seminars, Reportage Illustration



Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello
Professor Mario Minichiello