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Mario Minichiello : Images from APEC Sydney series (first Published 2007 Gary Embury : Bike Project drawings Current Projects
Matthias Beckmann : Series 'Studios in Berlin' 2010-2012 Julia Midgeley : Post Excavation Analysis Projects 2012
Anne Howeson : work focusing on the area around Kings Cross, London David Sparshot : Visual Journal  
Rod Mills : Venice Sketchbooks Olivier Kugler : Un thé en Iran  
The Wondering Line : Images from Ink George Sander Jackson : No-one is illegal  

Mario Minichiello : Images from APEC Sydney series (first Published 2007 Sydney Morning Herald) and 'God's Waiting Room'
It was the final act of the Howard Government in Australia and it was to be a truly shameful event. I was amazed to see a country that I have always admired bullied by a shambolic political elite and I city I came to love, reduced to a jail with a massive series of 10ft fences and armed military guards surrounding most of its centre, while armed helicopters flew overhead.

Overnight Sydney became a banana republic with beer and MTV. The Howard Government lost the election. Kevin Rudd swept to victory and has since apologised to the Aboriginal people for years of mistreatment - I would now like to go back, but they might not have me.

The Sun Herald was brave or mad but they published these images. My brief was to do something that the lens-based media could not do. Using drawing I was to report the moment in history and the extra ordinary military clamp down of a major high profile city in the heart of a democratic society.

The work is a narrative and what I saw and not as I saw it.


Mario Minichiello : Images from APEC Sydney series (first Published 2007
Matthias Beckmann : Series 'Studios in Berlin' 2010-2012
In 2010 I began a series about artists studios in Berlin. First I visited the studios of friends and later on I contacted other artists. In 2012 I will complete the series culminating in an exhibition and catalogue about the project. I spend about three to four hours in each studio and make at least three drawings on site to document the atmosphere of the place.

Sometimes the artist is shown in my pictures but my primary interest is the place itself. The studio is somehow a place of myth and mystery where inspiration seems to take place. Curators and collectors like visiting studios where they hope to find out something about art and its production.

On June 15, 2012, the series will be shown at Columbus Art Foundation in Ravensburg (South Germany). The Columbus Art Foundation will also publish a catalogue with a text by Andreas Schalhorn, curator of the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin. In November 2012 the exhibition will be shown at Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings (a private gallery).


Matthias Beckmann : Series 'Studios in Berlin' 2010-2012

Anne Howeson : An exhibition of work focusing on the redevelopment of the area around Kings Cross, London
There's an excitement and instability about building sites that is ambiguous and powerful. Today, King's cross is both a ruin and a place in the process of re construction, and will be in transition for the next ten years, with a growing and shifting population.

It’s this ‘in between’ state that intrigues me. I’ve been roaming the streets, mostly at night, with small sketchbook, pencil, rubber and digital camera, watching the pulling down and building up of places where nothing has ended and nothing quite begun, trying to remember them before they vanish, or transform in their rebuilding.

The drawings are not a representational document, more an attempt to commemorate disappearing buildings, and invent a fictional future in the neighbourhood. Most of the content is architectural- there are almost no people in the streets. I intended to include figures, in supporting, semi abstract roles, but came to realise that the buildings themselves were the personalities. Like the Eiffel Tower - called the ‘Shepherdess of Paris’ by Guillaume Apollinaire in his poem, ‘Zone’ - the warehouses, site offices, tenement blocks and towers of King’s cross are the lead characters, and the lamp posts, cctv cameras and bollards the supporting cast.


Anne Howeson : redevelopment of the area around Kings Cross
Rod Mills : Venice Sketchbooks
The sketchbook pages refer to an ongoing multi-disciplinary exploration of the strange city of water that is Venice.

The drawings depict architectural elements combined with graphical symbols & typography from my experience of the city. Rather than depicting single scenes, the drawings evoke rhythms to capture the flow of Venice, combining both real & photographic reference.

The tension between pictorial figuration & a flattened graphic perspective interests me much, helping to formulate a personal viewpoint & sense of place.

In conjunction with the drawings I am filming the city at night. I have a deep curiosity of the audio intimacy of Venice during nighttime & I'm gradually developing this into a short film piece.

Reportage is part of my desire to understand places & my relationship to them. Travel is very much important to my practice, not only since much of my work is international, but also as notions of 'the continental exotic' are recurring themes in personal/self-initiated projects.


Rod Mills : Venice Sketchbooks

The Wondering Line : Images from Ink

Ink Illustration
Rachel Gannon, Chloé Regan, Fumie Kamijo
Ink Illustration was founded in 2007 by Chloé Regan, Fumie Kamijo and Rachel Gannon whilst studying at the Royal College of Art. The illustration collective work individually as well as collaboratively on a wide range of commercial and personal projects including; curating, editorial work, retail, museum installations, craft work and exhibitions. They continually investigate drawing in its broadest sense through their illustration practice and academic research.

‘The Wondering Line’ looks to interrogate the context for the sketch, both in the work of the collective and its use in commercial illustration. The work was produced for an exhibition at Tenderpixel Gallery in London. ‘The Wondering Line’ was curated by INK and explores a variety of approaches to examining the sketch and its format to further explore its context.

The work is supported by short essays on the collectives work and the role of drawing and sketching.


The Wondering Line: Images from Ink
Gary Embury : Bike Project drawings
Drawing has always been at the heart of my work. I have Increasingly become interested in drawing on location, enjoying the immediacy and unmediated clarity of the spontaneous mark. I am currently working on an on going project at the Bristol Bike project.

This work in progress investigates the diverse range of activities and people the bike project attracts, ranging from minority groups, asylum seekers and the homeless.

The experience of drawing on location is fundamental to my practice within reportage and engagement and dialogue with the individuals involved.

You can view a documentary film about the bike project by following the links..\


Gary Embury: Bike Project drawings
Julia Midgley : Liverpool John Moore's University Art & Design Academy Development

In March 2007 I was appointed DLA Piper Artist in Residence for the new LJMU Art & Design Academy.

"DLA Piper has opened the doors of its Liverpool legal practice to one of the UK's leading documentary illustrators as part of a unique 'fly on the wall' initiative."

Thanks to DLA Piper's sponsorship I was able to chronicle the development of the University's new £23 million Art and Design Academy.

This project page illustrates some of the drawings from DLA Piper's Liverpool offices as well as the development of LJMU's Art & Design Academy


Julia Midgley :
David Sparshott : Visual Journal
This is a selection taken from the large reportage map that was drawn off the back of my last month long trip to Asia. There are then two more recent quicker drawings drawn from the same photo reference as before, I did these as a warm up to the next trip and kind of prefer the quicker line work as it retains a more sketchbook feel.

I am soon to go traveling for six weeks from mid-December 2011 to late-january 2012 and will be documenting this through location drawing and retrospectively using photographic reference.

My primary focus will be to document the places, people, and journeys that I will be undertaking whilst backpacking through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Upon my return I intend on producing an extensive self-published illustrated journal and hope to be exhibiting a series of drawings in the Spring.

I will be working in graphite and water colour pencil retaining a raw, sketchbook feel to the body of work. Hopefully this work will evolve whilst traveling and with an loose narrative running throughout.


David Sparshot: Visual Journal
Olivier Kugler : Carnets
Olivier Kugler is the overall winner of the 2011 V&A Illustration Awards for his depiction of a truck driver’s journey across Iran, featured in French quarterly reportage magazine XXI.

Rendered in Olivier's familiar sketchbook style, the 30-page illustrated journal tells the story of the illustrator's trip with Massih, a truck driver Olivier met in Tehran and accompanied for a four-day journey carrying bottled water down to a small island in the Persian Gulf.

Clients: The Guardian, XXI, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Reader's Digest, The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Harper's Carnets: SHETLANDS TO CUBA:

In the spring/early summer of 2007 I travelled from Scotland to Cuba. I took the ferry from Aberdeen to the Shetland Islands and another ferry from there to the Faroe Islands. After a week of traveling through the islands I jumped on the ferry to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.


Olivier Kugler: Un thé en Iran
George Sander Jackson : No-one is illegal
'No-One is Illegal' is based on the spoken word play, ‘Asylum Monologues’, scripted by Sonja Linden based on real testimony from asylum seekers in the UK, and directed by Christine Bacon who heads the charity, Actors for Human Rights.

'No-One is Illegal' is about a Zimbabwean asylum seeker and explores his personal experience of the UK asylum system.

The film has screened at Survival International’s Cinema Space during Refugee Week 2008, and was also on the ‘Fourdocs 3MinuteWonder’ website.

It won a Special commendation at Animated Exeter 2008, was selected for Guardian Unlimited Cyber Cinema Freshest Shorts on the Web January 2011, and was shortlisted for the DepicT award at Encounters film festival. It also received a Silver Medal from the 2008 student show of prestigious contemporary illustration magazine 3x3.


George Sander Jackson : No-one is illegal